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Maintaining Business Stability Amid Political Turbulence

Have there been times during your career where you felt like you lost focus in your business? Outside influences may have affected the course you had set, tossing your business plan into a turbulent storm of chaos. https://www.articleweekly.com/jeff-bush/maintaining-business/  

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A Thrilling Public Speaker

Ready for a political speaker is going to leave you completely thrilled hearing about the world that surrounds Washington DC Jeff Bush is your guy. He is one of the most entertaining and educational speakers who talk strictly about politics and the matters that concern them. He will be able to delivery information on the [...]

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Order American Cornerstones

Jeff Bush - American Cornerstones: History's Insights On Today's Issues - Scope of the Federal GovernmentJeff Bush - American Cornerstones: History's Insights On Today's Issues - The Great American Experiment: Evolution of U.S. Taxation

What if the key to understanding our present could be found in a more thorough understanding of our past?  The American Cornerstones series helps readers gain perspective on today’s issues by helping them better understand their history.