Your flexibility, good nature, quick wit, responsiveness and intelligence were a joy to work with.

Rich G.

Jeff combines his vast industry experience with a unique way to translate the complicated changing world of Washington into actionable ideas to help clients and advisors.

Bill N.

For over 6 years I have had the pleasure of having Jeff speak to the clients of my best relationships. It takes a special person to discuss what is going on in Washington in an entertaining and educational way. Jeff’s ability to clarify the noise on the news, and keep one focused on what is truly happening in Washington, is a skill he has mastered. Jeff is the “go to” speaker for what is going in inside the beltway.

Jow H.

Over the last several years I have had the opportunity to experience Mr. Bush’s presentation as an audience member and as a paying client. In each case his professionalism, presentation style and skills took the events to another level. Equally as impressive is his knowledge level of the political climate and his ability to communicate today’s issues in a manner that makes the audience THINK verses becoming defensive. I highly recommend Mr. Bush as an engaging and top quality speaker.

John Greenway

Your talk was absolutely superb! High energy and relevant content, it was a privilege to hear you speak. Thanks for making our event better by your participation.

David K.

Thank you again for a fabulous presentation. We have received very positive feedback and we feel it puts our firm and its services in a different position in the eyes of those who attended.

J.R. Burke

Many of our clients have stated your presentation was the best event we’ve had in years! Thank you.

Jennifer S.

I once again wanted to thank you for coming down to Florida to share your wisdom and thoughts with my clients.

Last year you gave your Washington Update presentation to my clients. At that point in time there was a lot of fear and uncertainty due to China, Brexit and the upcoming election.  Your insights and delivery of your analysis was well received and allayed many fears.  What is astounding is that not a single client who attended your presentation veered off of their financial plan this year!  By presenting material that clients were able to respond to intellectually rather than emotionally, clients were able to make more informed and rational decisions, and thus are more focused on achieving their comprehensive financial plans and objectives.

I also appreciate your ability to walk the very narrow line with regards to sharing the impact of this recent election.  All of my clients were relieved to have this discussion with you because they were afraid to share their concerns and fears because they didn’t want to be viewed negatively by their friends, family or peers.  Your neutral conveyance of the political landscape and ramifications allowed our clients to bring down their anxiety and stay the course with their financial plan.

Laura W.

I seriously felt smarter after listening to him for just 12 minutes.

Lisa N.

I have been a political activist for 60 years and currently serve as commissioner of elections for Northampton county Pennsylvania.
Jeff Bush Gave the most accurate, complete appraisal of our current, national Presidential, Senatorial and House of Representatives contests I have ever heard. If I were a betting man I would take his commentary to the bank.

George T.

One of the best speakers I’ve ever seen: Jeff Bush of @TheWashUpdate. Talk about learning a lot in a short period of time! #finserv

Brian T, NYLIC, Mainstay

Thanks for your great presentation last night. In our business, we get the opportunity to see many speakers who are experts on many relevant topics. Your presentation was exceptional, and all of our guests completely enjoyed it. I did too.

Very grateful for Jeff’s message. In the fact that he could help us see through some of the biased media and really tackle some of the issues, talk about some of the issues, in a way that will help us be able to explain to our clients those issues, and how they improve their financial decisions. Very grateful! Great speaker! Great delivery message! We are going to do everything we can to get him back!


Everyone at Morgan Stanley loved Jeff Bush’s content and our brand awareness and value has sky-rocketed not just for Annuities, but I am certain for our entire MSA (there were also FA’s from Blair Rose’s territory).  We have already gotten pro-active appointment solicitations, as well as, close to closing several large cases.  I know the proof will be in the numbers, so I know that we will see our market share increase substantially as Logan and I follow up on our deliverables.

Mai S.

A most informative and excellent presentation.

C. Pearson, Attorney

Jeff! Thank you! You were amazing to watch… thanks for knocking it out of the park!

R. Curtis

I was greatly appreciative of the informative insights into the current state of our union. Where we are, what are the positions of debate and how it impacts us all, helps us plan for our future and provide guidance to our clients…thank you.

J. Norris

So thankful Jeff would come and visit with us today, it is well well worth your time. Everything he said was so relevant and pertinent. He really summarized the big issues and made them understandable and things that we could explain to our clients. So hope he will return soon!

Glenn F.

An excellent distillation of important tax and relevant ideas.

C. Fischer

Jeff never ceases to amaze me. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, his passion comes through like nobody else.

Chris C.

Bring Jeff back every year! Best speaker I have ever heard in a long time and very relevant info.

Dave W.

Jeff thanks so much for coming to join us, we really appreciate it. You were, as we suspected, a total home run! Everybody wants you back! The message was strong powerful, gave them something that they can advice their clients about. They feel informed and empowered thanks to you! So we really are glad you came and want you back!

Valerie H.

Very engaging delivery and tons of information concerning what was going on in Washington behind closed doors. This was fascinating. And even though the room might have been conservative leaning. He did a really good job of presenting in a bipartisan way, and just being realistic about what might happen. No value in just saying what FA’s want to hear- better to be prepared to help our clients in various outcomes. This is a must see for any FA”    – Wells Fargo Advisors hosted the 2015 Advisor for Life Conference on March 4-6, 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri.

2015 “Advisor for Life Conference” Attendee

I have had the pleasure working and knowing Jeff Bush for a number of years. I have seen him make numerous presentations and his broad experience, style, and energetic approach resonants very well with clients and advisors. In today’s ever changing world in D.C where it seems every time you turn on the news there is a new crisis, new perspective, and a different opinion. It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on. Jeff does a great job with keeping that current, and helping us know as clients and advisors how that can impact stuff. He is a true professional!

Bill Nash

Great presentation! Very timely and well delivered. Would recommend to others.

A. Rich

Very interesting assessment of the political environment. Very worthwhile information.

J.G. B.

Highly nonpartisan dialog of the current views of Washington. It was refreshing.

T. Bennstrom

Excellent. A+

Advisor from Channel Marketing Strategies Presentation

Jeff Bush = Great presentation!

Advisor from Channel Marketing Strategies Presentation

The Washington Update was great, very clear and informative.

Advisor from Channel Marketing Strategies Presentation

Great update and takeaways that can be shared.

Advisor from Channel Marketing Strategies Presentation

What was the best idea I heard during the meeting that I plan to use? Jeff Bush on future of income and taxation.

Advisor from Channel Marketing Strategies Presentation

Excellent speaker – great tone, great volume, engaging, held my attention, very interesting.

Event Attendee

Good speaker, engaging!

Event Attendee

He didn’t go too deep into any one topic, so it was easy to follow and he kept it interesting/entertaining.

Event Attendee

Jeff Bush made politics a little fun.

Event Attendee

Jeff was interesting. He made the topic interesting. He brought useful information with respect to interest rate increase and the deficit.

Event Attendee

Great Speaker and informative.

Event Attendee

Heard a little bit about the election cycle that was less polemic than many sources He’s a very good, engaging speaker who was also able to remain impartial while talking about what can easily become a very controversial topic.

Event Attendee

Great presenter, interesting perspective.

Event Attendee

I enjoyed his ability to keep the presentation moving.

Event Attendee

I enjoyed the historical data and statistical review.

Event Attendee

It struck me as a very balanced assessment of the upcoming election. Obviously not always easy to deliver with this subject matter.

Event Attendee

Great speaker and held my attention.

Event Attendee

Jeff’s presentation was interesting – good information.

Event Attendee

Jeff was a good presenter. He was energetic.

Event Attendee

Nice style, as good as Andy Friedman Politically neutral with just enough humor.

Event Attendee

The fact that Jeff was well prepared, kept the talk moving with great energy and was informative. He is good at what he does.

Event Attendee

Very polished presentation. Good information without being partisan.

Event Attendee

Jeff was very quick and knowledgeable.

Event Attendee

He did great with the amount of time and content.

Event Attendee


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